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Sheet Music

Developing healthy vocal technique will allow your child to sing safely with confidence. They will start their singing journey by learning about proper placement, breath support, an effective warm-up regime, selecting appropriate repertoire, and more. For beginning singers. (Ages 11+)


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Performing a song requires solid vocal technique -- but it also requires the ability to tell a story. Through monologue work, character analysis, and reflection, we will work together to discover effective acting choices for a particular piece. 


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Does your child have a big audition coming up at school or your local community theatre? Did they just catch the theatre bug and want to learn more? We will discuss repertoire, how to make a proper audition cut, overcoming stage fright jitters, and other strategies that they can use to ace their next audition with confidence!



The arts are for every child. Learning how to sing healthily, how to tell a story, and how to audition are important pieces of the puzzle -- but the greatest rewards of all come within the practice of the art. When your child studies music and theatre, they are asked to meet challenges with perseverance and resilience. They learn from their failures and celebrate their successes. They find out what it means to be a team player, to support and lift up their peers, to open their hearts to the experiences of others, and to practice, practice, practice. 

As a teacher, I help my students understand the unique gifts that they offer to the arts. Showing up and doing the work is an accomplishment in itself. "Acing an audition" does not always mean getting the lead. It means being present, making purposeful choices, and finding the lessons in every experience. Often, I have worked with students who want to be "the next Sutton Foster" or "the next Barbra Streisand." I always stress to them that they will do something even better: embrace their individuality (taking a little inspiration from the greats, of course), and make theatre that is unlike anything that has been done before.

In my experience teaching elementary, middle school and high school students, I have had the privilege to witness their extraordinary growth. Studies show that students who participate in the arts enjoy the following benefits, among many others:


  • Creativity/Innovation 

  • Improved Academic Performance 

  • Improved Reading Comprehension 

  • Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution 

  • Self Esteem

  • Empathy/Social Tolerance 

  • Discipline

Of course, the most wonderful benefit of all is simply: joy.

I remember what it was like to be in your child's shoes. My life was forever changed by my experiences in youth theatre. It is an honor to see students grow and become the artists of tomorrow. 

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