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Bookings are open for Summer 2023!

If you are interested in joining the studio, please fill out the lesson inquiry form

Developing healthy vocal technique will allow you to sing safely with confidence.  Students will start their singing journey by learning about proper placement, breath support, an effective warm-up regime, selecting appropriate repertoire, and more. 

As a teacher, I help my students understand the unique gifts that they offer to the arts. Showing up and doing the work is an accomplishment in itself. "Acing an audition" does not always mean getting the lead. It means being present, making purposeful choices, and finding the lessons in every experience. Often, I have worked with students who want to be "the next Sutton Foster" or "the next Barbra Streisand." I always stress to them that they will do something even better: embrace their individuality (taking a little inspiration from the greats, of course), and make theatre that is unlike anything that has been done before.

In my experience teaching elementary, middle school and high school students, I have had the privilege to witness their extraordinary growth. Studies show that students who participate in the arts enjoy the following benefits, among many others:


  • Creativity/Innovation 

  • Improved Academic Performance 

  • Improved Reading Comprehension 

  • Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution 

  • Self Esteem

  • Empathy/Social Tolerance 

Of course, the most wonderful benefit of all, for singers of all ages, is joy.

Summer 2023 Rates and Packages:

Season Registration for Summer 2023

$969 for 12 lessons (only $78 per lesson - 15% off the flex rate)

June 1st - August 31st

Monthly Registration 

$344 for 4 lessons (only $86 per lesson - 10% off the flex rate)

Flex Registration

(Schedule as needed!)

$95 per hr.

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